Not just a mantra, a solution.  

At Mosaic, we take ownership of a project from start to finish.  Serving as your liaison to the construction industry, working as your advocate and partner throughout the entire process—upholding your vision, priorities and interests every step of the way.  



As the foundation of every project, Mosaic works with you through the predesign process, helping your team prioritize and highlight the features that matter most to you and how they fit into your budget.  We then preserve them throughout the design process by selecting firms with expertise relevant to your needs and working with them to develop the final plan.  We streamline the process, maximizing your value and your time, all while creating a solution that bridges your vision and your budget. 


There’s something to be said about having everything in one place—encompassing, all-inclusive project management, and integrated project delivery from day one.  That includes selecting contractors, firms and partners and taking true responsibility for every last detail.  From beginning to end, Mosaic takes ownership of the project, reducing the stress and time commitment of the client. 



Throughout the construction process you want someone on your team that takes responsibility from the outset.  Overseeing quality control, managing the site, scheduling, overseeing pre and post inspections, designating and supervising contractors—there are nearly unlimited responsibilities during the build process—and we take responsibility for them all.