Mosaic Building Solutions Set to Renovate New Kitch Acceptance Corp. Downtown Location

Mosaic Building Solutions Set to Renovate New Kitch Acceptance Corp. Downtown Location


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (March 15, 2016) – Mosaic Building Solutions is partnering with Kitch Acceptance Corp. to renovate their new office space located at 130 W. Main St. in downtown Fort Wayne.


Having recently bought this notable space previously used by Merrill Lynch, the new location is more than double the size of Kitch’s current location. The 24,851 square foot building will undergo both interior and exterior remodeling. A move that will not only set the company up to accommodate future growth, but also cater to the needs of the city’s businesses by having a more centralized location.


“Our business is passionate about revitalizing Fort Wayne’s downtown,” President of Mosaic Building Solutions Jake Fetters said. “Kitch’s energy to recycle and modernize this downtown space matched our commitment to cater to the communities needs.”


Opening this May, the $1.4 million project will feature 13 new offices with state-of-the-art windows, curtainwall and cloud design.


“This partnership showcases the investment our companies have in the region,” Fetters said. “We aim to set up Kitch for success in their renovated space and are confident it will set up the area for likewise success.”




About Mosaic Building Solutions

Founded under the mantra Design. Manage. Build. Mosaic Building Solutions was established to better serve the client’s vision and the bigger picture of construction management.   Working with clients from square one, Mosaic creates innovative solutions that maximize the client’s value and then sees them through, taking ownership of the project until its completion.


Established by industry veterans Jake Fetters and Steve Park, Mosaic combines years of construction and design industry experience with a new vision for the building industry, all aimed at a better experience, value and result for its clients and partners.