From the original vision to the final inspection, there are plenty of steps, stages and details in between.  And in the traditional construction process that means a multitude of vendors along the way.  

The result?  Poor communication, delays, missteps and vendors disagreeing with each other over the client’s dollar and vision—and in the end the client bears the burden with increased cost, unneeded frustration and wasted time.  

We founded Mosaic to do things differently—with a process that maximizes value for the client’s dollar while upholding their vision and reducing the industry squabble that seems to occur on a daily basis.  

Mosaic brings management, predesign and the building process all under one roof.  From the very beginning, we represent and share your vision, working with you to develop a plan that prioritizes your needs and wants. We then oversee the process from that point forward—adhering to the plan and serving your interests on a daily basis.

All communication and project management goes through Mosaic, from start to finish, eliminating the confusion and waste that separate management entities create.  The result is a simpler, value-driven and streamlined process—the Mosaic way.  

An experienced team.  With a new vision.  

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Jake Fetters, President

Jake heads up project management at Mosaic, overseeing everything from the big picture to the smallest detail.  With over 420 million dollars in project experience, Jake puts his knowledge and hard-earned expertise to work every day for Mosaic’s partners and clients.



Steve Goodman, Project Executive

Steve Goodwin is a lifetime Fort Wayne resident. He has been involved in the construction industry for over 40 years. Steve has lead the way for many area construction organizations. 

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Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Steve Park, VP Design

Overseeing the predesign process at Mosaic, Steve specializes in developing solutions that maximize your value in respect to efficiency and quality.  Steve relishes the opportunity to overcome design challenges, turning creative plans into projects that exceed expectations.



Tom Edwards, Project Executive

For over 35 years, Tom's goal was to create a construction company that was built on adding value for the client. Knowing that today’s clients are much more aware of quality, budget and schedule, Tom has integrated the tools to control these aspects of the project. 

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